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Soap Process

How a thrilling discovery and an obsession with creating the perfect bar of soap became a global soap and toiletries brand.

Soap Process

The Soap was manufactured at the Japan factory located in a small town surrounded by Beautiful mountains and clean water
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Our Vision

The reason why I decided to launch our original soaps started with the owner’s sudden skin problems.

The owner had always had strong skin, but after reaching a certain age, her skin suddenly became sensitive and rough. All the cleansers and cosmetics she had been using became not suitable for her skin.

I tried everything that was claimed to be good for my skin, one after another, and even went to a hospital for a period of time where I was prescribed medication, but just when I thought I was getting better, it would come back again. I was so tired of doing so many things that I decided to try making my own soap and I made my own soap at home while researching various things.

The owner herself was most surprised at this. Since she makes soaps for herself, she carefully examines raw materials, selects only ingredients that she thinks are good for the skin, and uses a simple recipe that is not too hard on the skin.

The Cold Process Manufacturing Method

The cold process manufacturing method is a production method that uses natural chemical reaction heat to slowly mature and dry the soap over a long period of time. The main feature of this process is that the maturation process produces natural glycerin, which is the source of the moisturizing ingredient. This natural glycerin becomes a soft, natural moisturizer in the soap and creates a smooth lather that gently cleanses the skin. The longer the natural glycerin is aged, the softer and more moisturizing it becomes, and LeeB soap is aged for about two months, which is more than twice as long as the normal maturation period for soap. The soap is made with the love of the farmers who grow the ingredients, the craftsmen who make the soap, and the many other people involved in the process.

We also recommend that you use a foaming net to create a thick lather.